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Pour Soul acoustic performance on Radio NJ/AG

I had the pleasure of sitting down for an acoustic session with Aaron Smith of Pour Soul. He explains to me what Pour Soul’s motivation is and his lyrical style. He played for me two tracks that he plays with the band and also played a few of his original tracks.

Photo © Derek J


Jersey Makes Good Musicians

As I wandered through the web today, I did a little research on the New Jersey music scene. I had no idea so many talented artists had come from this beautiful state. Here are just a few I found. Disregard the obvious ones and see which ones you didn’t know.


Like Bullets from an AK: AK47Million on Radio NJ/AG

Alex Kiedaisch of AK47Million talks about his music and explains what music means to him.

Now playing on Radio NJ/AG:

All music ©AK47Million

* “Sounds Fun” featuring Matt Keane AKA Matty Bones

AK grabs the mic in his recording studio ©JLIII