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Good Times and Tunes @ The Tree House

I stopped by the open mic at The Tree House Coffee Shop in Audobon, NJ. Every week you’re guaranteed a good time!

Noah Hammond enjoys some nicotine outside The Tree House ©JLIII

Grabbin’ some grub @ The Tree House ©JLIII

The food is always delicious! I went for a grilled cheese this time around.

The Treehouse has a very diverse group of musicians that have come in and out over the years. I had the pleasure of watching Willie Stavely perform  his unique folk style. I caught up with him after his set and he gave me his card. It turns out he is also a very skilled carpenter that makes custom hand-carved wooden marionettes and dancing puppets.

Willie Stavely ©JLIII

The Tree house has such a warm and inviting environment that you immediately want to grab a cup of joe and stay awhile.

Mike Romano, host of the Treehouse Open Mic, plays an interesting instrument called the Hammer Dulcimer and he plays it very well. Check it out!
Mike Romano plays @ The Tree House ©JLIII

The Tree House ©JLIII

Stop by their website and check out the menu! Don’t miss their open mic every wednesday!


2 responses

  1. great, never known this instrument before 😉
    impressvie 🙂

    11/19/2011 at 4:03 AM

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