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Hopscotch Is A Dangerous Game: Interview-promptu

Hopscotch Injury plays a Battle of the Bands ©HI myspace

All hallows eve is approaching rapidly and that only means one thing: ridiculous Halloween parties with ridiculous costumes. This evening I had the pleasure of attending one of these types of social gatherings and I had, what I like to call, an “interview-promptu” with Paul Giacalone.

This impromptu interview took place in, what I’d like to call, an “opium den”. Of course there was no opium being smoked, only a hookah, but this room was nestled in the back corner of the basement and only lit by black lights.

I got invited by a close friend but soon realized upon arrival that I knew no one at this party. So naturally I gravitated to the hookah where I met my acquaintance and his bassist, Rommel Ventocilla, dressed like the Hulk.

©Hopscotch Injury's myspace

©Hopscotch Injury's myspace

Giacalone is the drummer for Hopscotch Injury of Bridgeton, NJ. “I would never consider us Indie Rock, [it’s] similar to The Red Hot Chili Peppers but groovier and heavier,” Paul explained. “A fan favorite we play is called Land Before Time.. it has nothing to do with the movies,” he said, laughing.

I learned that all of the members come from very different musical backgrounds. “I think that’s what makes Hopscotch what they are,” said Paul. A mixture of jazz guitars and hardcore drumming fuses with an indie feel from Chad, the vocalist.

John, one of their oldest fans sat on the other side of me and kept talking up the band, “They’re like The Strokes on crack!”

Courtesy of Hopscotch Injury's myspace

©Hopscotch Injury's myspace (text has been added)

Leads Point, as it was known back in 2005, has come along way with only minor line-up changes. Today, Hopscotch Injury perseveres on, playing shows all over NJ and Philadelphia. They’ve also released a four-track EP called Beyoncé’s Child. “…and this is before she was pregnant!” said Paul.

Stop by their myspace and check them out!

Rug Doctor (From the EPP) – “Rug Doctor” off the Beyonce’s Child EP


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