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Minus the Bear Celebrates 10 Years


To commemorate the 10-year anniversary of their album Highly Refined Pirates, Minus the Bear is touring right now and playing the album in its entirety. I’ve been a fan of their most recent string of releases, but Highly Refined Pirates will always have a special place in my CD collection. I was fortunate enough to catch their show in Philadelphia at the Electric Factory last weekend.

Waiting in line @ the Electric factory

Their performance was unbelievable! They played straight through their first album and hit each note with ease. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an artist play live and sound so much like they do on album.

After playing through Highly Refined Pirates, Minus the bear left the stage and it seemed as if the show was over. The lights dimmed and the crowd cheered for an encore. Suddenly, shadowy figures appeared back on stage as the whole place lit up in excitement.

Minus the Bear plays “Menos El Oso” ©Noah Hammond


They played for another hour selecting songs off their more recent albums. The photo above was taken by my friend Noah while they played one of my favorite songs, “Menos El Oso”.

Minus the Bear has transcended the indie scene through the years and will continue to do so. I just hope they put out another album soon. Stop by their myspace and give them a listen!


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